Judge Me. I'm disgusting.

Sep 01


So. Around two weeks ago i started taking Xenical. After about 8 days I lost about a pound which i thought was okay seeing as I’d barely dieted and done fuck all exercise. It was quite an exciting result!

But in the last week, i’ve stuck to what i thought was dieting and done a little more exercise and i’ve just put back on a pound and a half! :’(

I think it’s carbs. These pills block fat and deter you from eating much but i must have over compensated… but without one or the other foods just awful!

I’ve not been watching my calorie intake as much as I should though either which probably hasn’t helped, they always say calories aren’t important, it’s about the quality of food you’re eating.. i’ve been living off stir frys and stuff with a lot of vegetables and low fat but I’ve clearly cocked up somewhere :( So i definitely have to put a lot more effort into counting calories. I’m allowing myself 1400 a day for now. purely because on the Xenical instructions it gives an example that if you eat 1400 calories a day, you can have around 15g of fat per meal before getting any undesirable side effects. I don’t know how to work out if it were higher or lower! but i’m going to allow myself around 100 calories extra when necessary without hating myself. 

This is so hard >.< I’m sick of the quality of food i’m gonna have to eat all the time! i’m eating oats right now. okay they’re not awful but i’m so sick of them!

oh yeah another big thing is I started a new job in a restaurant where I have to try everything on the menu. not helping. but once that’s out of the way I think I can resist the unhealthier items. I had to try a dish that was nearly 2000 calories! bleh. won’t be going back there!

i’m sorry, this is a terrible weight loss blog! someone else tell me you’re failing just as miserably, or even better that you were but you’ve found a way around it and you now have some amazing tips to share? anyone?

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